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bathtub to shower conversion

Convert your old worn out bathtub into a beautiful safe and functional shower, complete with new shower walls and bases. Learn more about bathtub to shower conversion.

Qualified Remodeler Contractor  are the best in the business. They are the leading experts in bathtub to shower conversion. 

For some people, showers are simply more convenient. For others, as they mature in years, a bathtub to shower conversion is a safe, convenient and easy to clean shower can greatly extend the length of time they can stay in their own home. With a Bathtub to Shower conversion  make sure that  your new shower has a built-in seat, well placed grab bars and easy to clean grout free walls for the confidence of knowing you have the safest and most convenient bath environment possible.

There are many people who can’t recall the last time they took a bath. They don’t plan on taking another one anytime soon, either.

These people aren’t dirty. They don’t smell bad. And they actually do wash each day. But they are not soakers. They are shower people. And, they’re proud of it.

There is one problem, though. Most shower people still own bathtubs. Most of them still take showers in those bathtubs. And those bathtubs aren’t always the safest places.

Are you a shower person? Does the rest of your family feel the same way? Then maybe it’s time to get rid of that old bathtub once and for all.

Some of the new shower bases used in a bathtub to shower conversion will fit in the space of your old bathtub. They even have a drain that lines up with the drain on your bathtub. This means your plumber won’t have to move your pipes. Other shower models will need more space than your bathtub takes up now. A shower made for a person in a wheelchair will take up even more space. So, it is best to contact a Qualified Remodeler today and schedule a free estimate.