Shower Surrounds

shower surroundBathtub and Shower Surrounds in Solid Surface Onyx Collection

 Onyx Collection Bathtub and Shower Surrounds Bathroom are solid surface  bath and shower enclosures and shower surrounds solution.  Customized for your bathroom.  This solution is offered by our contractors as an alternative to the more common acrylic bath surrounds. No matter what your taste, Onyx Collection has available an entire palette of colors as well as a variety of patterns.

There are Four Main Patterns for Your Surround:

  • Slate
  • 12″ Tile Slate
  • 12″ Tile
  • Gloss Smooth

The Benefits of an Onyx Collection Bath or Shower Solution

  • A worry free surface with the look of artisan tile, but totally grout free forever.
  • Never worry again regrouting or loose tiles.
  • Over 100 rich colors and extraordinary visual textures to choose from.
  • The ideal surface for shower walls and tub surrounds, as they are solid all the way through and cannot wear away.
  • Because of Onyx Collection non-porous surfaces, bacteria and mold have no place to grow.
  • Onyx Collection is unaffected by humidity, making it the ideal surface for the bath.
  • So easy to clean!Permanent. Engineered to withstand a lifetime of use.