Walk-in Bathtub

The fastest growing trend in bathroom remodeling is the walk-in bathtub. This product is the most sought-after solution for seniors and customers facing mobility challenges.

walk-in bathtub

Our bathroom remodeling experts carry a full line of walk-in tubs from the best national brands. The convenience and safety a walk-in bathtub features makes the walk-in bathtub a popular choice among consumers with mobility challenges. A swinging door offers easy accessibility for easy ingress, a comfortable seat,  easy-to-reach faucets,  and  conveniently placed grab bars.

These select Walk-In Tubs combine unmatched safety features, easy accessibility and advanced technology to give you a safe and luxurious bathing experience.



  • Easy-access swinging door reduces tripping and slipping
  • Nearly 2 ½ feet of water depth makes bathing upright relaxing
  • Comfortable seat and foot rest
  • Easy-to-reach faucets and multiple grab bars
  • Slip-resistant tub floor
  • Industry-leading filling and draining times
  • Available jetted system soothes away muscle and arthritic pain
  • Patented material resists mold and mildew and won’t crack, peel or fade
  • ADA compliant and industry certified

Choose  from add-ons such as massaging waters jets, air jets or a combination of water and air jets which be readily placed in your new walk-in bathtub. It’s your bathtub, so you make the choice!